Rave Reviews for Linking Leaders

As someone involved in addressing the challenges faced by Clinical Operations in drug development, my involvement with the Linking Leaders organization has provided me with valuable opportunities to network with my colleagues from organizations around the country. Sometimes these opportunities are not made available to smaller organizations and so I am delighted that Pam and Lesly are bringing the Linking Leaders forum to one of the hubs of biotech, expanding the offering to many local organizations with the same needs as larger biopharma but more limited infrastructures. The Linking Leaders meetings are a “must attend” for any Clinical Operations executive looking to share and learn from their peers.  – INFINITY PHARMACEUTICALS

The roundtable was a very comfortable and energizing forum to discuss some of the truly challenging issues we face today and foresee in the future. I took away some new insights and was able to get peer perspective on my thinking…well worth the time. – ELI LILLY

It was great to be able to meet my peers and understand we all share some of the same challenges be able to learn from each other’s experiences.  – DICERNA

This is one of the few forums where I felt all the participants brought a significant level of expertise and experience in outsourcing and clinical development. No time was wasted on covering the basics, as happens in some of these types of discussions. Rather, everyone at the table brought sophisticated thinking around the challenges we're currently facing, and then openly and generously shared the benefit of their experience. – TAKEDA

This was a great forum for sharing ideas and solutions off like minded professionals.  The size and culture made for an easy flow of sharing and conversation and I would absolutely take the time to attend in the future. – TOKAI PHARMACEUTICALS

The roundtable provides an excellent forum for open discussion, debate and collaborative problem solving on common issues and challenges in operational delivery. Participants are committed to sharing non-propriety information that helps us all benefit in improving quality, efficiency and safety within our clinical trials. The less formal environment created by a small group and expert planners/facilitators (Pam and Lesly), results in productive and beneficial cross-company learnings. Meetings are highly collaborative and have led to open information exchange that helps everyone present. The meeting structure allows participants to obtain maximal value in a short period of time (one day) at an affordable cost (time and money). – GENZYME/SANOFI

I had such a great experience at this meeting. It was refreshing to meet others who are in very similar situation as me (small company, limited or no resources, etc) and are facing some of the same issues/dilemmas I face or may face. – KURA ONCOLOGY

Sitting and discussing 'like' topics with my peers from other companies helps me understand challenges and obstacles in a constructive way, while at the same time lends a hand to determine whether or not my company is behind or ahead of the curve. – NOVARTIS


I found this to be a very engaged peer group of Clinical Operations leaders who could discuss those specific issues that are often lost in other meetings.  The group was able to very quickly bond together and intelligently discuss those challenges we face every day.  In addition, the opportunity to meet and network with others in the field to share experiences was immediately valuable. – ARIAD PHARMA

Very interactive and lively. Met several like-level development operations executives from a variety of small, mid-size and large sponsor organizations to discuss real challenges and opportunities affecting us all. The size of the group was perfect with just the right facilitation.  – PFIZER

Excellent opportunity to share experiences, keep up with the latest trends, discuss shared challenges, discuss others’ strategies for success based on lessons learned, etc. – IDERA PHARMACEUTICALS

The roundtable provided a unique opportunity to directly interact with colleagues from small, mid and big pharma. The topics were relevant and there was definitely an atmosphere of collaboration and open and frank discussions. – ASTELLAS PHARMA GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT

I thoroughly enjoyed the roundtable. Very rarely are there conferences or venues that are specific to clinical operations, kept to a small number of attendees, and focused for small companies - this session accomplished all three! – ALKERMES


The Linking Leaders roundtable provides an excellent venue for senior Clinical Operations executives to discuss common challenges in the execution of clinical trials and identify opportunities for improvement, in a collaborative environment. – BIOGEN IDEC


Linking Leaders is a valuable forum in which industry leaders share approaches to meet the challenges of drug development, establish creative networks and disseminate best practices. – PURDUE PHARMA

The Linking Leaders Clinical Outsourcing Roundtable is one of the most productive and informative forums in the industry. Senior outsourcing professionals representing Biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes contributed to discussions on relevant, important, and potentially "game changing" topics in order to define industry best practices. – SHIRE PHARMACEUTICALS


The roundtable was an incredibly effective and efficient information sharing forum, and because it consisted almost solely of Pharma Sponsors, enabled frank and candid conversations about the issues facing sponsors in the TPO-world today. – ELI LILLY & COMPANY

I want to thank you for this opportunity. It was really a fantastic experience. – NEKTAR

Very relevant and thought provoking topics and ideas exchanged with likeminded peers across the pharma spectrum. – MERCK


The roundtable created a great opportunity to meet people in the industry who share many of the same challenges and opportunities and created a forum for open discussions on how we can jointly tackle common issues. – GLAXOSMITHKLINE


An excellent forum of senior Quality professionals who are poised to drive industry change in the clinical quality arena. – JOHNSON & JOHNSON


 The Roundtable offers a forum for senior QA professionals to discuss GCP issues in our rapidly changing regulatory and business environments. Although many of the participants came from "big pharma", the topics were relevant to small and mid-size organizations as well. We all had something to learn from each other. – SEATTLE GENETICS


Even though it was the first meeting, you could just feel the pent up demand for opportunities to discuss the evolving quality environment among like-minded colleagues from other companies. With the dissolution of the PhRMA BiMo group, this provided an opportunity to reconnect with peers and delve into approaches for addressing the rapidly changing expectations of customers, including regulatory agencies. – ELI LILLY & COMPANY

Was a very thought provoking day - thanks for organizing. – GILEAD

The roundtable is an excellent, safe environment in which significant issues can be shared and discussed in an informal way. The meeting gives a larger group a sense of community and allows a free two-way discussion from large and small companies, and departments with well-established frameworks and those with a more fluid structure. – ENDO PHARMACEUTICALS

I have been a member of the East Coast based Linking Leaders Clinical Operations Series since its inception in April 2011. Linking Leaders is the one place that as a pharma leader, I can participate in an open and honest exchange of information and approaches to challenges pharma/biotech companies have in common. I have strongly encouraged the founders, Pam and Lesly, to bring this excellent forum to the West Coast in an effort to meet the unique needs of small biopharma companies. Due to the insights and relationships I’ve been able to build, the ROI on Linking Leaders roundtables far exceeds that which can be found at a typical industry conference and I would urge my fellow West Coast colleagues to participate. – CEREXA


This was one of the most useful meetings I have attended. I really liked that it was small enough to enable conversation and inclusion of everyone. – EXELIXIS